Benefits of Being a Tutor

As a college student, how many times have you dreaded going to work at your part-time job? Individuals who have worked in retail and customer service know how unfulfilling and tedious those jobs can be. And most barely pay $10 an hour, which is not going to bring in a lot of extra money.

Although many students tend to gravitate toward these types of jobs, they are not the only option for part-time work. If you are looking to make a little extra money on the side without having to ask for time off when you need it, tutoring could be the perfect option for you. You can choose your hourly rate and work from the comfort of your own home.

Taking on a part-time tutoring job has many benefits that match up with what most college students are looking for. If you are on the fence about whether this could be a good option for you or not, here are five benefits to becoming an online tutor:

Create your own schedule

More and more people are seeing the benefit of virtual and remote job opportunities. You can create a flexible schedule based on when you want to work. And if you choose to take a trip, you don’t have to take a week off work and miss out on making money. Online tutoring is so flexible you could even add this on top of your full-time job to make extra money.

Become a better communicator

Tutoring will teach you to be a better communicator because not every student will understand your way of thinking or why you approach problems the way you do. Online tutoring teaches you the importance of learning new ways to communicate with others and to see things from their perspective. And learning how to approach problems in a new way will also sharpen your skills.

Build a network

As you bring on more students you can start building a reputation for yourself and grow a network of students. As you continue to help more students they will leave reviews on your profile which will allow you to begin charging higher rates for your services. And word-of-mouth references will likely further expand your network.

Help people for a living

Most tutors will agree that helping their students succeed is the best part of their job. Your students will often reach out to you during times of frustration and if you even help them in some small way, you are making their day just a little bit easier. By sharing your knowledge with them you are making a difference in their lives and helping them grow academically.

Improve your resume

What do you think will look better to a prospective employer, working as a waitress or working as an online tutor? Holding a job that is related to your academics will set you up with a big advantage over your peers.