10 Best Paying Online Tutoring Websites To Work For

With the advancement of Internet communication technologies, conventional classroom teaching trends are starting to change. Online tutoring jobs have become a popular way to teach students at all levels. It has allowed the best teachers to connect with prospective students without any geographical boundaries. It also allows industry experts to work part-time and share their knowledge with young students. You can teach from the comfort of your own home, earn decent cash, and it may very well become your primary source of income.

To start teaching online, you only need a computer with a webcam, a headset (or headphones and a microphone), and a stable internet connection. Once you have set up the preliminary requirements you’re good to go. Sign up on one of the tutoring websites we listed below, create a tutoring profile and start teaching.

Best Websites for Online Tutoring Jobs

Tutor.com (US and Canada Only)

Tutor.com is an online teaching platform that helps students learn several subjects including Business, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Languages, etc. They provide opportunities for prospective teachers to teach online through their platform. You will need to go through a subject exam phase to become an approved tutor.

If you are a professional teacher, graduate student, or math/science/computer professional you are eligible to apply. As a teacher, you can create a schedule that fits your routine. You can either create a weekly schedule, pick up sessions, or set availability for scheduled appointments.

There is an hourly rate that varies depending on the subjects. Incentives are also available for high-performing tutors. The pay ranges from $11 to $20 per hour. Their payment methods are Check and Direct Deposit.


Yup is an online teaching jobs platform that hires tutors primarily for 3 subjects. Subjects are MathChemistry and Physics. Students are matched with teachers randomly based on availability. Both student and teacher are connected directly via 1-on-1 online sessions. Teachers work directly with students to solve their problems.

Yup doesn’t have a fixed rate for tutors. Users have reported earning from $12 to $14 per hour. But it usually depends on the qualification and experience of the tutors. Their payment methods are Paypal and Direct Deposit.


Wyzant is an online tutoring service for students and teachers alike. Teachers can create a free profile and start listing their teaching services. You can choose any subject that you’re good at. You can also showcase your qualifications and experience for students to see.

As a tutor, you can sync your lessons with your personalized calendar. The system also allows you to track your lesson and payment history.

You can set your own payment rate at Wyzant. They claim that their top tutors earn more than $50,000 per year. You can receive your payments through Direct Deposit or Check.


Enotes is a popular academic website that offers help for both students and teachers. They offer Study guides, Lesson plans, Homework help, Answers, Quizzes, etc. It’s a gold mine for teachers who cannot afford to spend too much time creating study material for their students.

Enotes offers the opportunity for graduates and teachers to join their platform as Educators and Academic writers. You can earn money by educating the students and also writing and publishing research articles. They pay you for each question you answer.

The average pay rate for a 120-word answer is $7.40. But writers can earn up to $37 per answer. You can also submit lesson plans and study materials and get paid $1 for each. Their payment methods are Paypal and Check.


Chegg is a renowned online tutoring website that matches prospective students with potential teachers. As a tutor, you can teach any subject you want as long as you have good command over it. The user interface is very intuitive and doesn’t require you to be a techie to use the system.

Chegg requires you to sign up with your Facebook profile. That means you will have to update your Facebook profile with the latest qualifications and work experience details.

Chegg pays you around $20 per hour for teaching students online. Their best tutors earn more than $1000 on monthly basis. They pay with Paypal.


TutaPoint is another online company that specializes in online teaching jobs. Their online platform is very simple. You can teach Science and Math with Tutapoint. Other subjects are either not supported or just not mentioned on the website.

After filling out the application forms you will undergo a background check. Successful candidates will be invited to an online interview. Once approved they will join the network as Probationary teachers.

Tutors are paid $14 per hour for tutoring services. They also offer incentives and bonuses for good performance. Payments are made through Check or Direct Deposit.


Skooli is an online tutoring space that hires qualified tutors for multiple subjects. The subjects include Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Business, and Languages. To become an online tutor you need to possess either Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s, or Ph.D. Degree or an ESL certification.

They are quite strict about their services and that’s why they occasionally fire inactive tutors. It’s also a good thing because it makes space for new tutors.

Skooli tutors are paid $25 per hour. That’s the highest payment rate we have seen among similar tutoring companies. You can withdraw your earnings through Paypal once you have accumulated more than $100 in your account.


TutorMe is a fast online teaching service that claims to connect students with teachers in as fast as 30 seconds. You can simply create an online profile by connecting your Facebook profile. As soon as you register you will become part of the tutor network.

You will have the leisure to create your schedule and set teaching hours. You can apply from anywhere in the world and they have no geographic restrictions. The plus point about TutorMe is there are more than 300 subjects to choose from.

Tutors are paid $18 per hour of their tutoring time. They pay tutors on weekly basis. The payments are made through Paypal.


Preply is a website that helps people find and contact tutors for online and in-person lessons. It offers a searchable database of tutors, as well as a variety of tools and resources to help students and families find the right tutor for their needs. Preply also offers a variety of articles and resources on its blog to help families and students navigate the world of tutoring.

The average hourly rate on Preply is between $15 and $20. Teachers can choose to withdraw money through Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, or Wise.


Italki is a social network and language learning platform that connects students and language teachers from all over the world. Italki offers a unique language learning experience by connecting students with language teachers from all over the world. Italki allows students to find the perfect language teacher for their needs and provides a platform for teachers to connect with students from all over the world. There is also a language learning community, where students and teachers can connect, exchange tips and advice, and help each other learn new languages.

There are two pay grades on Italki. English Professional Teachers earn about $15 per hour and Community Tutors get $10 per hour on average. They pay through PayPal and Payoneer.