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  • Where to Advertise Your Tutoring Services (Free And Paid)

    Are you looking to attract more students to your tutoring business? Perhaps you’re worried that, despite your best efforts, you just aren’t meeting the demand for your services. Or you are looking to scale and expand your tutoring business?

  • 12 Free Online Teaching Tools For Tutors

    Nowadays technology plays a fundamental role in teaching children and adolescents. The traditional classroom is starting to fade out and the digital classroom is coming into place. Make your online classroom more efficient and premium with online teaching tools.

  • 10 Best Paying Online Tutoring Websites To Work For

    With the advancement of Internet communication technologies, conventional classroom teaching trends are starting to change. Online tutoring jobs have become a popular way to teach students at all levels. It has allowed the best teachers to connect with prospective students without any geographical boundaries. It also allows industry experts to work part-time and share their […]

  • 9 Fun and Engaging Activities For Tutoring Sessions

    When you have a student who is struggling to keep their attention during a school day, sometimes the simplest solution is just to remove them from the classroom and put them in a more engaging environment where they can learn. Not only does this teach them something new and stimulate their minds, but it also […]

  • How to Make Your Teaching Portfolio Outstanding

    One of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd during the tutoring job interview is to create a great teaching portfolio. Here are some ideas which could help you put together some great examples of your previous work.

  • How Many Hours a Week Do Tutors Work?

    The number of hours a tutor works mostly depends on whether it’s their primary job or not, the demand and competition for the subject they teach, and their hourly fees.

  • 20 Questions to Ask Students Before Tutoring

    Let’s discuss how to ask the right questions which will make your student feel confident about future lessons and will encourage them to book further lessons with you.

  • How to Use Textbooks Effectively

    Textbooks have a reputation to be boring and far from reality. Probably we all had to use textbooks when we learned a language at school. But textbooks were carefully compiled by people who know much more about didactics than the average teacher, so I’ve never understood why so many people (teachers as well as students) […]

  • How to Create Teaching Materials

    When creating their own teaching materials, teachers use texts from the internet, videos, pictures, excerpts, exercises from grammar books, etc. Authentic material taken from websites or newspapers for native speakers often has to be adapted. You cannot just convert a text into a PDF file and present it as your own material. So here are […]

  • How to Write a Great Course Description

    As a professional teacher, you can offer different courses to your students and add descriptions to them. Many teachers don’t realize that this is a powerful tool to attract prospective students. The courses I see are often divided by level: English for beginners, English for intermediate students, and English for advanced students. Or something similar. Even […]