How to Get Your First Tutoring Client

Are you still struggling to get your first tutoring client?

Are you wondering if you have what it take to be a tutor? Do you spend hours and hours wishing you could just find someone to learn from the years of experience you have under your belt?

Do you have tons of experience in science, math, or reading but lack the opportunity to reach students in need of your skills?

Do you fear rejection when you think about advertising your tutoring services or talking to parents about tutoring?

Or do you love the challenge of finding new clients and new families to serve?

So a quick word of encouragement. Focus on something that gets results.

A result may be getting more flyers out.

A result may be sharing your tutoring business cards with 5 people each day.

A result might be building two new blog posts for your tutoring blog each week.

Regardless of your feelings about getting tutoring clients or your methods, make sure to focus on results.

Results are the only thing that matters. If you focus on results, the rest falls into place.