Guarantee Your Services to Increase Sales

Offering a money back guarantee is a great way to boost sales because it gives your prospects confidence. Use this guarantee in conjunction with the ultimate sales tool and the free lesson strategy and you will land every sale when you meet with clients.

Tutoring is an emotional purchase. Parents want to make sure their child does the best they possibly can in school so selecting a tutor can be a difficult process. The trick is to get a meeting in person with your potential client, that’s where the free trial lesson comes in. Once you meet with the prospect, you wow them with your recommendations and then ask to schedule the next sessions, reminding them that they can ask for their money back if there are no positive results. With a great first impression and the no-risk promise of a guarantee, there’s no way the parents could opt out for different tutor because you’ve successfully appealed to their emotions.

Be sure that when you are closing the deal you do not ask “Do you want to schedule another lesson?” Instead, ask “What days work best for you for our next sessions?” This slight change of wording makes an enormous difference because by presuming they do want to schedule another lesson, you further decrease the chances of being turned down.