How Much to Charge for Tutoring?

Often when people want to tutor, they’re not sure how much to charge for tutoring. There are many things to take into consideration with your skills, goals, and resources to determine how much to charge for tutoring service.

You can tutor on many different subjects, but regardless of your specialty the main thing you should consider is how much to charge for tutoring. To be honest, there is no special amount that is a one size fits all, but when considering how much to charge for tutoring.

After you’ve decided on what lessons or tutoring to offer, you need to determine how much you want to charge for tutoring. In situations where you work as a contractor or for a tutoring agency, your rates will be pre-determined. But if you are working as a tutor on your own, many factors will determine how much you can charge for tutoring in your area.

Educational credentials

Are you a well known chess player, or do you have experience with helping people prepare for college entrance exams? Do you play an instrument? Do you have a college degree or special education certification  If you have more advanced credentials you will be able to change more for your service based on your overall level of experience. The more time you have teaching a certain skill, trade, or subject the more you can charge for tutoring.

Testimonials and reviews

Do you have a track record of successful projects? Do you have people that will provide testimonials to speak on your behalf? Make sure to manage you reputation online so that when people Google you positive reviews come up. Showing your success online can help you charge more for tutoring.


In certain areas it’s a little easier to charge more for tutoring. But how much should you charge for tutoring? The farther you move away from large population areas the less you will be able to charge. Make sure that you look online on websites like SGLessons to see how much other tutors in your local area are charging.

So now you have reviewed your credentials, listed your successes online, and surveyed your area it’s time to decide how much to charge for tutoring. Using the criteria above you should evaluate your skills and services, and come up with a fair tutoring price that is affordable for your clients and (hopefully) profitable for you.