7 Tips for Tutoring Your Students Online

Internet has become a useful tool for many tutors because it is convenient and also gives you the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with your students. And because you don’t have to spend any time driving to and from lessons, you can spend more time tutoring and earn more money.

If you are a tutor looking to begin using online video calls with your students here are seven tips to help you get started:

Make sure you have the necessary equipment

As an online tutor, a laptop and a reliable internet connection are not optional. Obviously, nothing is foolproof and technology glitches do occur but you should prepare as best you can. And as your online tutoring business grows your expenses will grow as well so should always be thinking of ways you can upgrade and improve your services.

Figure out what sets you apart

Why should someone hire you as opposed to all of the other online tutors they could choose from? Your ability to answer this question will largely determine how successful you are as a tutor.

Use a variety of different tools

The beauty of the internet is that it provides endless free resources you can incorporate into your tutoring sessions. You can utilize podcasts, videos, interesting articles, audio recordings, and more. Google Drive will let you create individual folders for every student so any important documents will be in one place.

You can also create Powerpoints, PDFs, and other resources that you can share with your online students. And you can prepare all of this before you lesson so your students will have time to look through the information and write down any questions they may have.

Always look for ways to improve

Even after you have found something that works for your online tutoring business you should always be looking for new ways to improve. Continue to create new content, update the resources you already have, and dedicate a portion of your time to increasing your own skill sets.

Show appreciation for you students

Don’t forget, without your students you wouldn’t have a source of income so make sure to show them that you appreciate them. Work on building relationships with them and keep an up to date record on what each of them is working on so you can make sure they are continuing to make progress.

Figure out who you enjoy working with

It may seem contradictory to intentionally minimize who you are trying to help but the truth is, the minute you start trying to serve everyone you will serve no one. Begin figuring out who you work best with and focus on finding that person.

As an online tutor, advertising your services will be the best way to bring in new students. You can promote yourself through Facebook, Pinterest, and any other ways you can think of.

Take care of yourself

The best way to ensure you are taking good care of your students is to take care of yourself first. Plan time for exercise, rest, and free time.