10 Useful Resources for Online Tutors

Ten or fifteen years ago, meeting with your tutor meant your parents had to drive you to someone’s house or to the library after school. The internet has radically changed how students and tutors can collaborate and work together. Tutoring is now more convenient than ever and tutors can now work with students all over the world from the comfort of their own home.

Tutors can also create valuable resources for their students using fairly inexpensive online tools. If you are an online tutor looking to change the way you work with your students then here are the ten resources you should try out:


Emails are one of the biggest time wasters there are and nothing is more frustrating than frittering away your afternoon haggling with a student over scheduling. Calendly makes it easy — simply send your students the link and they can pick the date and time that is most convenient for them.


Skype allows you to interact with anyone, regardless of their location. Skype provides video, instant messaging, and makes it easy to share files. Skype is perfect for tutoring someone halfway around the world or working with your student who lives just ten minutes away.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a great alternative to Skype for online tutors. The best thing about Google Meet is that you can use Google’s other features while you are doing video chats with students.


PBWorks is perfect for collaboration between tutors and students. It allows students to collect information to supplement their learning and gives tutors the opportunity to provide feedback and offer suggestions.


Animoto allows its users to create presentations using photos, videos, music, and other resources. It is a great way for tutors to introduce and explain a new subject to their students.


Moodle is a free course management system for educators. You can create simple learning sites for your students and it allows you to integrate useful tools like a calendar and a blog. Moodle is an easy way to share resources and information with multiple students.


Is there anything that YouTube isn’t useful for? YouTube allows you to make and share videos with your students. Or you can just show your students one of the many educational videos that already exist on the site. YouTube is a great way to increase your students’ engagement and make learning more fun.


Mailchimp allows you to send automated emails to past and current students. You can create newsletters with useful information and helpful updates about your tutoring services. This is will save you from the drudgery of a lot of back and forth emailing with twenty different people.


Canva lets you edit photos and create more visual content. Whether you need infographics, blog headers, or anything else, Canva lets you do it all.

Google Drive

Google Drive will let you create individual folders for every student so any important documents will be in one place. This will help you stay organised and guarantee that your students have everything they need.