What is a Tutor?

A tutor is an individual that is capable and qualified to teach student’s in one or more subject areas. Tutors are paid to improve a student’s academic performance. Similar to an athletic coach, a tutor is an academic coach.

What is the tutor’s required background?

A tutor may be formally trained in their subject matter. But this is not a requirement.

Many tutors have training in elementary or secondary education. Although some only have training in their specific subject area like math or science only.

Bottom line, however, is that tutors have the skills necessary to help students where they need help.

What is a tutor’s work environment like?

Tutors work for tutoring services or for themselves individually. Sometimes tutors just volunteer at schools or after-school programs.

As a tutor you could work in an office, at a college learning services centre, at the library, visit a student’s home, or even work in your pyjamas as an online tutor. There is a lot of variety in the job description.

What is a normal tutor’s schedule?

Whenever there is a student in need of help!

While “normal” tutoring hours are typically around school hours, a tutor can work with clients before, during, or after school. Summer tutoring sessions are also a possibility.

As you can see, a tutor’s role, schedule, and job description can vary greatly.

But at their heart, a tutor is someone who helps students.