9 Fun and Engaging Activities For Tutoring Sessions

When you have a student who is struggling to keep their attention during a school day, sometimes the simplest solution is just to remove them from the classroom and put them in a more engaging environment where they can learn. Not only does this teach them something new and stimulate their minds, but it also gives you some extra one-on-one time with them which may help improve their performance in school.

If you are wondering what to do during a tutoring session, whether it’s in person or over Skype, check out these fun and engaging activities that will make your student feel like they are learning and having fun at the same time!

Make It A Trivia Night

Trivia has been gaining popularity in recent years with many game shows testing the knowledge of their audiences. During a trivia night, teams of players answer general knowledge questions about the subject matter tackled in the show. The questions are often based on general knowledge items covered in the curriculum, but they can also be fun surprises. For example, a question could be: “What notable person was born on this day in 1897?” When a student finishes a question, the teams compete in a round of rapid-fire questions where each correct answer adds a point to the team’s score. This encourages students to keep their eyes open and engaged throughout the session and helps combat poor academic performance.

Trivia nights can be customized to fit any curriculum. For example, if you are teaching English as a second language, you could ask questions about the language or the English culture. If you are teaching business, you could ask questions about economics or marketing. If you are teaching art, you could ask them to name famous artists or the creative processes behind certain artwork. The sky is the limit!

Singing And Dancing

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been teaching for a while, you know how important it is to have a class that is engaging for both the students and yourself. When you are working with a student one-on-one, it’s easy for things to get dull. Adding another person or a partner to the mix can make any lesson more interesting. Whether you’re working on a unit from the curriculum or choosing a music-related theme for the session, having fun with your student is one of the best ways to ensure they are learning something new and retaining what they are learning. If you have a background in music, you can use this to your advantage by starting a session with a fun, engaging song. This will not only draw your student into the lesson, but it will also make them more receptive to what you are teaching. Start by having them join in when you are singing along with the song. When you play music and dance together, you are engaging with your student on a level that is both fun and educational.


For younger students, it can be difficult for them to understand what it is that you are teaching them if you don’t use any concrete examples. One fun way to illustrate abstract concepts is through role-playing. During a role-playing session, you can take on the role of a teacher, scientist, lawyer, or any other profession you can think of and teach your student how to behave in that role. As the teacher, you will give them instructions on what to say and how to act. The students then have the opportunity to practice and refine their skills by playing the role of a teacher, scientist, lawyer, etc. This is a great way to clarify concepts and provide additional reinforcement during tutoring sessions.

Games And Activities

One of the simplest ways to add fun and excitement to your tutoring sessions is through interactive games and activities. The benefit of games and activities is that they often require very little prep work and can be a great way to inject some fun into a boring lesson. You can find numerous games and activities at your local library or online retailers that can be used in this manner. Many games and activities are suitable for use during a tutoring session, but finding the right fitting game can be difficult. The key is to choose something that will engage your students while still fitting in with the rest of your curriculum. With a little bit of research, you can find a wealth of games and activities that can be used to enhance your tutoring sessions. Just make sure to purchase and install the necessary hardware and software before starting your sessions.

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Drawing And Painting

For younger students who might struggle with fine motor skills, it can be difficult to draw or paint. One of the best ways to help them improve their drawing and painting skills is by using a whiteboard and marker. You can teach them how to draw simple geometric shapes or have them paint what they have drawn. During a drawing or painting session, you can give them different subjects to work on. This will help improve their fine motor skills while also expanding their creative side.

Cooking And Baking

There is nothing more engaging than coming up with new recipes and cooking techniques. During a cooking or baking session, you can find a partner or a group of students to help you cook various meals. Whether you are an experienced chef or you are just starting, there are infinite possibilities for engaging your students while teaching them new things. Baking is a form of art that can be both therapeutic and creative, and it also has a unique way of demonstrating how certain ingredients come together to form a perfect whole. You can use this form of art to your advantage by using different flavors to represent different concepts you are trying to teach. For example, you can use chocolate to teach about quality control or vanilla to teach about identifying different ingredients. You can find books at your local library that can help you get started with cooking and baking. Alternatively, you can find many great recipes on the internet that can be copied and pasted into a cookbook for offline use. The sky is the limit!

Movies And TV Shows

Did you ever stop and think about how much your students enjoy learning about topics that are presented in movies or TV shows? During a movie or TV show session, you can find countless examples of engaging activities that can be used to teach your students new things. Whether you are watching a movie or TV show for inspiration, you can use this method to teach your students about a variety of topics. It’s a great way to keep their attention while helping them understand the material better. For example, if you are teaching biology and you see a scene in a movie where a scientist is explaining the structure of DNA, you can show them how it is structured and show them how it functions.

Art And Craft

Working with a partner or having a class with a group of students is one of the best ways to improve your teaching skills. Art and craft are excellent examples of activities that can be done in a group setting and can be both fun and educational at the same time. You can use this method to teach any number of topics, from basic craft skills like painting or drawing to advanced topics like sculpture or 3D printing. The sky is the limit!

Music And Dance

Like singing and dancing, using music during the teaching process is an excellent way to engage your students while you are teaching them new things. As you may already know, music is a fantastic way to both educate and entertain your audience. If you have a background in music, you can use this skill to your advantage by starting a music-related session with a fun, engaging song. This will not only encourage your students to stay attentive during the lesson but will allow them to better understand what you are teaching. If you are just learning how to play an instrument or know someone who is, consider gifting them this CD as a present. Not only will it allow them to instantly learn how to play a song, but it will also allow you to better understand the material through music.


Adding fun and excitement to your tutoring sessions doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you are teaching in person or using Skype, video chat, or an online classroom, there are ways for you to inject a little bit of levity into your sessions and engage your students while still accomplishing your goals. Role-playing, drawing, painting, and other similar activities can all be used in this manner. Music is another great way to engage your students and can be both fun and educational at the same time. If you are looking for ways to add more fun to your classroom, consider purchasing games and activities that can be used while teaching or borrowing them from a friend or local library. This will help improve your students’ attention spans while also allowing them to better understand the material. The key is to find something that will engage your students while still fitting in with the rest of your curriculum. If you do so, you will likely see not only improvements in their grades but also in how much they enjoy learning!